Moving Image
12 July 2016
Mike Marshall, artist , video, Jungle, Copernicus

We Stand Still While The Heavens Spin Around Us
Video for Projection or Monitor 5 Minutes 2020

Mike Marshall, artist, video, escapist, AI, machine learning

Are You an Escapist?
Video for projection 6 minutes 2019

Mike Marshall artist Video Beautiful Pigeons

I Want the Whole World to See My Beautiful Pigeons
Video for projection 8 minutes 2016

Mike Marshall artist Video Still from Generator 2016

Anamorphic 16mm film transferred to video 5 mins 05 secs 2015

Mike Marshall artist video vision system

Vision System
Video for projection 7 mins 50 secs 2014

Mike Marshall artist video prism splits light

A Prism Splits Light
Video for projection 8 mins 40 secs 2011

Mike Marshall artist video It Rained 2011

It Rained
Video for projection 7 mins 40 secs 2011

Mike Marshall Volume and Frequency Video Projection 2009

Volume and Frequency
Video for projection 6 mins 30 secs 2009

Birdcatcher S16mm film Mike Marshall 2006

S16mm film 5 mins 37 secs 2006

A Train Passes Through Trees. Video still. Mike Marshall 2005

A Train Passes Through Trees
Video for projection 4 mins 15 secs 2005

A Place Not Far From Here. Video. Mike Marshall 2005

A Place Not Far From Here
Video for projection 5 mins 40 secs 2005

Exploring a Small Canyon Video Sound Installation Mike Marshall

Exploring a Small Canyon
Video for projection or monitor 3 minutes 2003

Mike Marshall Days Like These 2003

Days Like These
Video for projection 3 mins 20 secs 2003

Video by Mike Marshall

The Earth is Flat
Video for monitor 9 minutes 2001

Video by Mike Marshall

Video for projection 6 mins 35 secs 1999/2000

Video by Mike Marshall

Someone Somewhere is Doing This 
Video for monitor 5 minutes 1998