Are You an Escapist?
8 April 2020

Are You an Escapist?
Video for projection  6 minutes  2020

Two text to speech voices (a male and a female) are having a conversation about a tropical holiday location. One voice questions the situation from a pragmatic distance, while the other has surrendered to a carefree sensory existance.

Its good to get away, far away

Somewhere stimulating, where you can learn new things

No – somewhere hot, so hot you can do nothing but just lie there

Can you hear the sea?

Gently in the distance maybe…. There are trees, a gently breeze

What does it smell like?

Smells like damp earth

What are you doing?

Just lying there, occasionally I may take a little walk

Do you sleep a lot?

Maybe. I just switch off, seem to pass out

Perhaps you can return refreshed and motivated, ready to pedal faster

I want to carry on exactly like this, live like this forever …