A Train Passes Through Trees
25 July 2016
A Train Passes Through Trees. Video still. Mike Marshall 2005

A Train Passes Through Trees
Video for projection 4 mins 15 secs 2005


Light flickers inside a train carriage. Outside the landscape increasingly dissolves into an abstraction of pulsating colour. The sound of a train’s horn can just be heard through the distorting sound of the wind.


Light bounces around the interior of a train carriage, it flickers a succession of rectanglar shapes, illuminating the hard lines of the seating. When I first noticed it I thought it was a little like a disordered Mondrian. It then cuts to a shot of the outside, the incessant sound of the trains horn can be heard along with a distorted wind buffeting the microphone. Trees pass by in a blur and the different coloured wagons of a freight train flash by, then trees again but this time with increased speed dissolving into an abstraction of pulsating colour. This produces a certain optical effect, the colours seem to float in space between viewer and screen and the rapid flickering of light bounces from the screen and illuminates the projection space with shifting colour.