12 July 2016
Mike Marshall, artist , video, Jungle, Copernicus

We Stand Still While The Heavens Spin Around Us
Video for projection or monitor 5 Minutes 

Mike Marshall, artist, video, escapist, AI, machine learning

Are You an Escapist?
Video for projection 6 minutes 

Mike Marshall Paper Arrangement Art Artist

Paper Arrangements  2016

Mike Marshall artist Video Beautiful Pigeons

I Want the Whole World to See My Beautiful Pigeons
Video for projection 8 minutes 

Mike Marshall artist Jenga arrangements

Jenga Arrangements 2016

Mike Marshall artist Video Still from Generator 2016

Anamorphic 16mm film transferred to video 5 mins 05 secs 2015

Mike Marshall artist video vision system

Vision System
Video for projection 7 mins 50 secs 2014

Mike Marshall artist sound installation vacuum

Vacuum – A Concise History of Photography
Quadraphonic sound installation. 5mins 54 secs 2013

Mike Marshall artist video prism splits light

A Prism Splits Light
Video for projection 8 mins 40 secs 2011

Mike Marshall artist video It Rained 2011

It Rained
Video for projection 7 mins 40 secs 2011

Flood-Plain Photograph Mike Marshall

Chromogenic print 118 cm x 158 cm 2009

Mike Marshall Volume and Frequency Video Projection 2009

Volume and Frequency
Video for projection 6 mins 30 secs 2009

Hand-coloured black and white photographic print Mike Marshall 2007

Hand-coloured black and white photographic print. 115 x 135 cm 2007

Birdcatcher S16mm film Mike Marshall 2006

S16mm film 5 mins 37 secs 2006

Birds Sing in Response to a Distant Calamity Sound Installation Grundy Gallery Mike Marshalll

Birds Sing in Response to a Distant Calamity
4.1 surround-sound installation 12 minutes 2006

A Train Passes Through Trees. Video still. Mike Marshall 2005

A Train Passes Through Trees
Video for projection 4 mins 15 secs 2005

Cloudburst sound installation Mike Marshall Ikon Gallery East side 2005

Eight speaker surround-sound installation 4 minutes 2005

A Place Not Far From Here. Video. Mike Marshall 2005

A Place Not Far From Here
Video for projection 5 mins 40 secs 2005

The Sound of Bombay sound installation Mike Marshall Tate Gallery St Ives 2004

The Sound of Bombay (a place not unlike this)
Sound Installation Stereo 20 minutes 2004

Exploring a Small Canyon Video Sound Installation Mike Marshall

Exploring a Small Canyon
Video for projection or monitor 3 minutes 2003

Mike Marshall Days Like These 2003

Days Like These
Video for projection 3 mins 20 secs 2003

Video by Mike Marshall

The Earth is Flat
Video for monitor 9 minutes 2001

Video by Mike Marshall

Video for projection 6 mins 35 secs 1999/2000

Video by Mike Marshall

Someone Somewhere is Doing This
Video for monitor 5 minutes 1998